Ancient healing therapies and treatments for living the good life

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Krabi’s most inspired spa experience, with bespoke treatments for individuals and couples


T: +66 (0)8 9724 8935


Each treatment at Spa begins with a Purification Ritual intended to prepare your mind and body to receive the experience. The Purification Ritual begins with a warm foot bath and scrub, using natural bergamot, ylang ylang, mint and kaffir lime. A soothing foot and shin massage follow, leaving you in a purified state of mind and prepared to receive your spa treatment.

And, this is just the start! Or signature therapies and spa packages draw on ancient remedies and modern understanding of contemporary lifestyles to bring about a wonderfully ethereal feeling of health and wellness.

An intimate sanctuary with exquisite herbal scents, natural, organic massage oils and a tranquil, healing ambiance.

Each element in our spa experience is rooted in a deep understanding of wellness therapies. Our team is trained to deliver and guide you through a wonderfully luxurious and restorative spa experience