Ancient healing therapies and treatments for living the good life

Thai Massage

Our traditional Thai Massage is both deeply refreshing and extremely revitalizing. A must-try massage for foreign travelers. Traditional Body Massage is influenced by Chinese and Indian healing arts, which involves a combination of stretching and acupressure techniques. It is performed with slow movements and covers the entire body and offers the deepest possible relaxation.

The massage is oil-free and performed on a mattress, with loose clothings are worn. This treatment energizes, rejuvenates and increases blood and oxygen circulation.

The massage is available upon request.

Foot Massage

Reflexology is the ancient healing art that believes applying pressure to specific points on the feet produces beneficial results. The body is believed to be divided into ten zones with energy lines linking all parts of the body and when pressure is applied to a specific point on the foot, a reflex action of self-healing is stimulated in another part of the body.

This popular massage lets you sit and relax after a long day of traveling. Not only it helps relieve the tension in the lower parts of the leg, this ancient massage is believed to help promote oxygenation of tissues of several major organs of the body by focusing on the reflex zones of the feet that correspond to them. Therapists use only their hands, fingers, and sometimes a wooden stick dipped in apply with fragrant massage oil.

The massage is available upon request.